AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447 (news update: BODIES FOUND) – Footage Compilation; worth watching + reading

… (to the families…) Feel free to comment, but please no racist comments, or any that might offend the people involved, or their families. The least we have to do, is respect. PARIS, France (CNN) — The bodies of two men, one of whom was confirmed to be a passenger from the Air France plane that is believed to have crashed in the Atlantic Ocean on Monday, were found early Saturday, a Brazilian air force spokesman said. Also found were a backpack and a leather briefcase containing an airplane ticket with a reservation code, which Air France verified belonged to a passenger on the jet, Jorge Amaral said.The Brazilian navy and air force said the backpack contained a laptop, and an oxygen mask also was discovered, the Brazilian navy and air force said.Air force officials announced the news in Recife, Brazil. The items were discovered 420 miles north of the Fernando de Noronha islands, 220 miles (355 kilometers) off the northeast coast of Brazil.It is not clear where the plane crashed, since ocean currents likely caused the bodies and debris to drift in the six days since the crash. All 228 passengers and crew aboard the Airbus 330 are presumed to have died when the plane disappeared northeast of the islands. Two bodies and debris have been found from the Air France plane which went missing over the Atlantic last Monday, the Brazilian air force has said. The remains were picked up some 800km (500 miles) north-east of Fernando de Noronha islands, off Brazil’s coast. Experts …

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