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In February of 2010 I was on my way from Austria, Europe to Chicago O’Hare International Airport. In my close to 30 trips across the Pond this was probably the best connection I ever got. It was a noon flight out of Klagenfurt (LOWK) to Chicago (KORD) via Munich, Germany (EDDM).

This trip was also unique because it was a double first right from the start: I have never flown Air Dolomiti, and I have never flowin in ATR-42 before. Dash-7 yes, Regional Jet yes, ERJ-145 and 190 also, but never this small turbo-prop. So I was realy anxious to see how I would like the type and how well the cabin crew will perform. To be honest with you I did have expectations since I new this airline was Italian and to be honest sometimes Italian companies do not have the best reputation due to carelessness.

Delicious meal in Air Dolomiti ATR-42 on my way to Munich, Germany

The flight started ok. We were on time, boarding was fast (the aircraft is small so no delay was to be expected due to boarding). Klagenfurt airport is also relatively small, not congested so taxi was quick. We lined up in a mater of couple of minutes after our taxi begun. After lining up the pilots recieved clearence for take-off and we started to roll down the runway and lifeted-off. Shortly after take-off we started to bank to the left towards Munich. We quickly reached our cruising altitude of 24,000ft (Flight level FL240). We recieved our delicious meal (see video above) and already started our descent into Munich, Germany. Soon afterwards we were already on our finaly approach and the landing itself was smooth. We quickly taxied to our gate, the doors opened and we were on our way to the bus and the terminal there Airbus A330 already awaited to take up to the States…

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