Paperless Air Tickets?

Airlines have come to realize they can save tons of money with paperless ticket system also called e-ticket.

“IATA and the airlines will save on paper and administration costs – in an average year, airlines issue more than 300 million tickets, and IATA assesses the costs of an e-ticket at 10% of those of an equivalent paper ticket.” (IATA)

The advantages of e-ticketing is not only for the carriers, but all participants in the whole process of airtravel. Carriers save on administrational costs (paper, printing), their work is computorized thus saves additionaly time. Customers/travelers have the ability to book and “arrange” their flight proceduers online. They can even use a mobile device to book a flight and make check-in at the airport.

Another advantage is enviromental: “One of IATA’s arguments is that switching to e-tickets will mean vast savings in paper – it has suggested that around 50,000 trees per annum could be spared the chop.” (IATA)

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